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The Birdhouse Inn Vouchers
100.00 120.00

How will Birdhouse vouchers work?

  1. You buy vouchers for $100 each (as many or as few as you’d like).

  2. We get the place in ship shape and get officially licensed by the State to open the B&B.

  3. At least one week before booking opens to the public, you have the chance to book your preferred dates.

  4. You redeem your vouchers! Each $100 voucher is worth $120 towards your nightly stay (2-person rooms start at $140 in the busy season). Your vouchers can be used to book rooms anytime in the future, but all voucher bookings must me made before May 2020. They can also be used like gift certificates and transferred with a phone call or email.

  5. You get to tell all of your family and friends about us, and get to say you were among the first supporters!!

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